A Quick Guide on Paraphrasing

Paragraphing is always a way to publish information in a particular manner. This means that whoever is doing that must have enough material to support their claims. When someone is putting down their main points, they will have a easier time dealing with the material from which they are taking a specific stand. Remember, when the text is really too long, the fewer the sources that are available, the harder latest review the work will be to draft.

By using the wrong methodology, a summarized literature review will look like someone is saying a different thing, and it is hard to prove that. Thus, it is crucial to take note of the most critical areas to include in a summation. Sometimes, quoting someone else’s views will help simplify the process of writing the final piece. Quoting will even assist a scholar in getting the right format and style for the newtext. But if you want to do it yourself, the ideal technique to use is to quote paraphrase summarize.

The following are the elements you need to consider for a paraphrased piece that will pass for plagiarism:

  • Have a strong introduction: The opening paragraph should be the exact opposite of the body section. Imagine if this is an article, and the conclusion is going to be a discussion and answer? If the answering is yes, then the whole document will be in quotes. The only difference is that you will have to rewrite the sentenceructure of the base paragraphs.
  • Include the thesis statement in the last line of the Introductory paragraph: Before a writer starts composing a science topic, he/she will begin by stating the thesis statement. What does the question say? Hence it will be easy to find the relevant ideas to accompany the essential statements.
  • Write the Body Section of the Research Paper: The body sections will be arranged in accordance with the standards of a scientific report. Tie the body part of the research paper in its correct sequence, and add citations after that. Your conclusion, as the antagonist, will be a call to action. Its primary purpose is to emphasize the importance of the researched text rather than refute it.

Note that paraphrasing is never allowed outside academic write-ups. However, some institutions might allow a student to do so to avoid plagiarizing the assignment. For instance, if you intend to give a guide to learning management skills, you could apply the same method while rewriting. In the end, the outcome of the paraphrases will be the same as the original paper.

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